President Duterte Delivers Live Message To Joma Sison: I’m Not Comatose

In response to communist leader Joma Sison’s claim that he is having a health crisis and is comatose, President Rodrigo Duterte delivered a live video earlier tonight to prove that he is in good condition.

Message To Joma

In a live video taken by SAP Bong Go and posted on his Facebook page, the president dispelled the rumors regarding his deteriorating health. He looked healthy and well as he drank coffee with an attractive lady.

He issued his message to Joma Sison, saying he hoped that the communist leader would live for another thousand years, just like the biblical story of the wandering Jew, who is cursed to roam the earth forever.

Preposterous Allegations

The palace was quick to allay fears regarding the president’s health. It advised the public to avoid listening to Joma Sison’s allegations. Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque advised the people that Joma Sison is a “spent revolutionary, not a doctor.”

Roque also added that how did Joma come up with that news when he is a thousand miles away from the country. Joma Sison is now living in exile in the Netherlands.

Not To Be Taken Seriously

The president did not take Joma Sison’s outrageous allegations seriously. He took it in jest and claimed he was in a “kama” or bed resting and not in “coma” as what Joma is claiming. Even SAP Bong Go joked that maybe “Joma was just dreaming and he put the letter C in Joma instead of his name. It was him after all.”

Netizens’ Prayers

Despite the wrong allegations from Joma Sison, the millions of supporters of the chief executive can’t help but be worried about his condition.

There was an outpouring of prayers and well wishes from the netizens, in the hope that the president will be strong enough to lead the country.

Watch the video below:

Geplaatst door Bong GO op Maandag 20 augustus 2018

Source: Facebook


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